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Joker + Deadpool Cosplay Creates a Surprisingly Scary New Fusion

May 12, 2023

Cosplayer @chimipool_az creates an unsettling new character in a session that fuses the Joker with Deadpool to create the new threat of Jokerpool.

A brilliant cosplay session fuses the Joker and Deadpool to create an absolutely terrifying amalgamation. See what happens when the Clown Prince of Crime and the Merc without a Mouth fuse into one unsettling entity.

While both the Marvel and DC Universes are filled with a number of heroes and villains, both worlds have an individual that stands out from the pack thanks to their antisocial behaviors and a tenuous grasp on sanity. In the DCU, that person is the Joker, one of the greatest villains to come out of Gotham. In the Marvel Universe, it's the top-level assassin and chimichanga enthusiast Deadpool. In addition to being comedians that rarely make anyone else laugh, both Deadpool and the Joker have some of the highest body counts in their respective universes. They also both possess varying degrees of meta-awareness and have acknowledged that they're fictional characters in a comic book.

The two wisecracking titans of comics have finally joined forces in a cosplay that turns the two into one disturbing combination. In a post on Instagram, cosplayer @chimipool_az posted a session of themselves dressed as a character known as "Jokerpool". Jokerpool wears a suit reminiscent of Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker in the 2008 film, The Dark Knight. He also wears a mask similar to the one Ryan Reynolds wore in the 2016 Deadpool movie, those @chimipool_az's is painted green, one of the Joker's trademark colors. Jokerpool seems to dance around without a care in the world as he holds up a razor blade to his throat, highlighting the bloody smile on his mask. Another Instagram post shows Jokerpool casually holding a cane and looking directly at the viewer, a disturbing acknowledgment of Deadpool and Joker's meta-awareness.

@chimipool_az's cosplay blends the two styles together well. It's simple, but effectively communicates the idea of a Joker and Deadpool fusion. @chimipool_az's conveys the freewheeling attitude that such a character would have and excels at making Jokerpool subtly creepy. The true terror in the cosplay comes from the little touches, like the bloody smile, something that seems quite in line with both Joker and Deadpool's sensibilities. While the duo isn't likely to have a canon fusion anytime soon, @chimipool_az's cosplay paints a terrifying picture of what would happen should Deadpool and Joker ever combine.

Deadpool and Joker both excel in racking up high body counts, but they each have their own unique skills. Deadpool is functionally immortal thanks to his regenerative abilities while the Joker is one of the deadliest poison-makers in the DCU. A combination of those two could put both the entire DC and Marvel worlds in peril. Deadpool's already killed the Marvel Universe a few times. Give him the nihilistic destructive tendencies of the Joker and all hell would no doubt break loose. @chimipool_az's cosplay isn't just well-crafted. It's a disturbing thought experiment for how dangerous a Joker/Deadpool fusion really is.

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