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Utility Energy Storage

Jul 02, 2023

As we increasingly rely on renewable energy sources, we are entering a new era of energy transition. This shift is characterized by electrification, sustainability, and decarbonization. Together, these trends are paving the way for a more sustainable future.

The energy transition is an ongoing process that is constantly evolving. It is being driven by the urgent need to address climate change, and the development of cheaper, low-emissions technologies. It is an important part of our journey toward a more sustainable future.

The world is amid an energy transition, but the challenge lies in the fact that different electricity consumers have different needs. Power developers face unique challenges in forecasting demand for power relative to power production, availability, and storage capabilities to meet demand. The transportation industry accounts for up to 40% of total electricity generated, while residential consumers less than 10%. This creates a mismatch between supply and demand. They must also analyze the overall system to determine the best approaches to convert renewable energy into electricity efficiently and reliably.

LTTS is a company that specializes in power systems analysis and grid modeling for the power and utility industry. Our capabilities in grid modeling and power system analysis can help power developers create more efficient and reliable power systems. We provide turnkey substations with the latest technologies, including for a variety of applications in the utilities, and renewables integration industries.

Electrical networks integrated with various power generation sources from renewables and battery energy storage devices become complex to model and analyze for various worst-case scenarios. Power developers can leverage LTTS's capabilities of grid modeling and power system analysis.

Sub-stations are important part of power system. The continuity of supply depends to a considerable extent upon the successful operation of sub-stations. It is, therefore, essential to exercise utmost care while designing and building a sub-station. Our key offerings are:

A substation automation system is a collection of hardware and software components that are used to monitor and control an electrical system, both locally and remotely. A substation automation system also automates some repetitive, tedious, and error-prone activities to increase the overall efficiency and productivity of the system.

Our team of experts at our company have comprehensive experience and knowledge in the energy, power and utilities sector. Our specialists possess an array of multidomain abilities along with in-house technology solutions to assist our customers with their digital transformation. Our team of engineers have the experience and expertise to design and develop Power Electronics and Battery Management Systems for a variety of applications. We have a fully equipped lab infrastructure to support these efforts and work collaboratively with our clients to provide exemplary solutions.