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This Ottoman Is Actually a Litter Box Enclosure—You Won’t See a Thing

Mar 19, 2023

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Cat parents who live in small homes know how difficult it is to keep their cat's litter box discreet. Sometimes they’re forced to just leave it out in the open in the bathroom or they try to hide it away in a back corner. But thanks to this genius new litter box enclosure on Amazon, you can leave your cat's litter box in the middle of the room and your guests won't notice a thing.

The MEEXPAWS Litter Box Enclosure is an easy-to-assemble ottoman with a removable top and a cutout on the side for your cat to enter. Just place your cat's litterbox inside the enclosure, place the top back on, and watch it disappear like magic.

The enclosure comes in four different finishes, each with a classy tufted pillow top and upholstered in waterproof fabric for easy cleaning, and also comes in three different sizes depending on what kind of litter box needs to fit inside (the largest ottoman looks like a trendy short bench you’d put in an entryway).


"I moved from a house to an apartment and was having a hard time finding a place to put the litter box for my two cats without creating a major eye sore and a source of litter box odor," one five-star reviewer wrote about the MEEXPAWS ottoman. "This enclosure solved those issues. It easily stashed an XL litter box with lid. It's sturdy enough for my cats to hang out on the top of the enclosure. It's aesthetically pleasing and does a great job at eliminating any lingering litter scent."

And the enclosure also keeps mess to a minimum if your cat happens to be a digger. "I originally bought it because my cats toss so much litter when they are digging/jumping off," another reviewer wrote. "This box reduces that problem by 100% as none of it leaves the box now. Also noticed it reduced the smell of poo when I come home after a long day of work."

Make your litter box disappear and keep your space a bit cleaner with the help of the MEEXPAWS Litter Box Enclosure. You’ll love it and your cat will, too.

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