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The Best Whole House Surge Protectors of 2023

Aug 02, 2023

This high-quality Type 1 whole-house surge protector from Schneider offers the ultimate in versatility. The compact unit features a NEMA 4X case, can be installed indoors or out, and is designed to be fitted on the line side of any residential breaker panel.

Whereas most surge protectors offer four modes of protection (the way the surge is channeled away from the home's electric devices), the HEPD80 offers six. While this feature is perhaps only of interest to professional electricians, it can increase the margin of safety provided.

Despite its impressive 80kA protection level, the HEPD80's outstanding performance doesn't also come with exorbitant pricing, as this unit remains a very affordable option. It is both UL-listed and CSA-certified.

Get the Square D surge protector on Amazon.

Get the Square D surge protector on Amazon.