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SolarEdge to unveil new power optimizers at Intersolar 2023

Nov 16, 2023

SolarEdge announced it will unveil two new power optimizers at Intersolar 2023 taking place in Munich, Germany between June 14-16.

The small, lightweight 2:1 S1400 Power Optimizer is developed for the C&I segment. It is specially designed for high-input, bifacial and high-power 700W modules, including G12 modules. The new architecture delivers increased power density from a smaller unit while ensuring optimum thermal performance, allowing the PV system to be designed with fewer yet more powerful strings, resulting in a typical 30% reduction in DC BoS costs, according to the company.

While another new product, the S500A Power Optimizer, is used for short strings in the residential segment. The optimizer allows for a cost-efficient design of smaller rooftop systems with higher power modules. It can be used on systems with as few as six modules using the SolarEdge Home Short String Three Phase Inverter and the SolarEdge Home Single Phase Wave/Hub Inverter, or 10 modules using any SolarEdge residential Three Phase Inverter.

Both new power optimizers include SolarEdge's multi-layered suite of safety features. These include AFCI capabilities supported in most SolarEdge inverters and SolarEdge Sense Connect, an industry-first technology that detects thermal abnormalities at the connector level and stops power flow before a potential electric arc can occur.

SolarEdge's branded SafeDC technology is also integrated into these products, which allows PV systems' DC voltage to be automatically reduced to touch-safe levels in grid failures or when the inverter is shut down. Additionally, the Rapid Shutdown (RSD) feature enables installers to activate SafeDC at the flip of a switch, discharging the conductors to safe voltage levels within 30 seconds.

The introduction of both the S1400 and S500A is poised to enhance the company's offerings for both residential and C&I sectors.

SolarEdge's CEO and General Manager for Europe will share their insights on the PV and storage market, current trends and what's next for the industry at this year's Intersolar.

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include SolarEdge's multi-layered suite of safety features