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Scanfil, Grandcentrix Collaborating on the Production of Vodafone's Asset Solar Tracker

Nov 29, 2023

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Scanfil and grandcentrix have reached an agreement on the production and further development of Vodafone's asset solar tracker. grandcentrix is ​​an innovative IoT company from Germany and has been part of the Vodafone Group since 2020. Asset Solar by Vodafone is a solar powered asset tracker. It enables goods and goods to be tracked and monitored easily and cost-effectively in order to optimize logistics, production and supply chain processes.

"With the integrated solar panel and a long-lasting battery, the tracker has a projected minimum lifespan of 8 years. In addition, the Vodafone service offers the customer a complete solution for tracking assets, including a data plan for international connections, support and an IoT tracker platform for the management of their assets," explains Sebastian Boll, Product Manager for Asset Solar at grandcentrix.

Asset Solar was originally developed for tracking transport containers. Because of its durability, this standalone device can also be used for many other tracking purposes, and in a wide variety of weather and operating conditions.

"Asset Solar has been subjected to a series of rigorous environmental tests in order to function reliably in the harsh conditions found on the high seas. With these characteristics, Asset Solar can also be used to track other types of assets, independent of the power supply. Thanks to an affordable purchase price, the Tracker for tracking simple work equipment such as trailers, generators, tools, carriers or ground equipment," continues Sebastian.

Scanfil manufactures Vodafone's solar asset trackers at its Suzhou facility. "We are delighted to be collaborating with grandcentrix on the production of the asset solar tracker. Our cooperation works seamlessly and we are proud to be part of the digitization of asset tracking," says Andreas Bohner, Global Sales Manager at Scanfil.

Asset Solar can also help companies reduce and report carbon emissions. Active management and optimization of material flows can help reduce CO2 emissions and transport times. By knowing the routes and modes of transport, companies can efficiently report data on their CO2 emissions associated with Scope 3 emissions in near real time.