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Save $1,000, Get 3 Months FSD on Tesla Model S, Model X with Referral Code in June

Apr 22, 2023



With Tesla's newly relaunched and revamped referral program, Tesla owners can once again get bonuses by referring friends and family to buy a Tesla car or solar power system. This month, Tesla is offering an additional incentive to both referring owners and buyers of a Model S or Model X. If you use a referral code or referral link for your purchase of a Model S or Model X, you can instantly save $1,000 on your purchase and get a free three-month trial of Full Self Driving. Those who refer the sale will get a whopping 20,000 reward credits in their account when the car is delivered. This replaces the previous referral bonus of 3,500 reward credits.

If you’re an existing Tesla customer, you can find your referral code and link in the Tesla app in the "loot box" which is a treasure chest icon on the top right of the app screen. If you are planning to buy a Tesla and have a friend or family member who already owns one, ask them for their referral code. If you need a referral code for your Tesla purchase, feel free to use mine:

For phone orders, use referral code: Christopher55570

Tesla published this new referral offer to the Tesla app yesterday. The offer expires June 30, 2023. It looks like the company is pulling triggers to stimulate demand at the end of the quarter.

So far, we have not seen any similar offers on Model 3 or Model Y, though it has been widely reported that those who buy a Model 3 or Model Y from existing inventory are able to save $1,000-$2,000 off the cost of a custom order as well. Inventory cars enjoy the same warranty and tax incentives as new custom order cars. Here's a link to find inventory model Teslas near you at local Tesla stores. The referral code is embedded so you can get Tesla Reward Points on your purchase:

Tesla car inventory in stock near you

Tesla has updated their referral program many times over the years and recently relaunched the program to offer reward points to both referrers and buyers. Reward points can be used in the online shop to buy accessories like the Tesla wall connector level 2 charging station, roof racks, floor mats, Tesla apparel and more. You can also exchange Tesla Reward Points for free Supercharging at any Tesla high speed Supercharger worldwide.

More details on the referral program available here:

Tesla Referral Program: How It Works, What You Get

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The Tesla referral program has had a long and storied history. The first incarnation offered massive incentives like the ability to earn free Tesla...

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Tesla car inventory in stock near you gasp Advertise with CleanTechnica to get your company in front of millions of monthly readers.