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Inside world’s most efficient cruise ship piloted by AI with 'retractable solar sails' for zero

Dec 05, 2023

AN ARTIFICIAL intelligence-powered cruise ship inspired by sustainability is set to sail in a few years.

Norwegian cruise company Hurtigruten just revealed the concept design for its very first zero-emission ship on Wednesday that will include impressive technology.

Hurtigruten has dubbed it "the world's most energy-efficient cruise ship," per the press release.

The cruise ship is expected to enter Norwegian water by 2030 with production starting in 2027 and a final blueprint ready by 2026.

"Following a rigorous feasibility study, we have pinpointed the most promising technologies for our groundbreaking future cruise ships," Hedda Felin, the CEO of Hurtigruten Norway said in the release.

"We are committed to delivering a ship that surpasses all others in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability within just a few years."

The cruise ship will be self-maneuver using artificial intelligence that is similar to how an airplane cockpit works and will be the first ever of its kind.

It will also feature 60-watt batteries that will be charged with renewable energy.

The renewable energy will come from wind and solar on 164 ft tall retractable sails located right on the ship.

The solar is comprised of 1500m² of photovoltaic panels and there will be a wind surface of 750m², per the company.

Currently, the company's researchers are looking into what best technologies to use to accomplish the concept design.

Hurtigruten is working with VARD which is a design and shipbuilding company behind the concept visuals.

"We are developing the concept for a very innovative cruise design and researching to find the optimal design methods suitable for zero-emission ships," Henrik Burvang, Research and Innovation Manager at VARD said in the release.

"The streamlined shape, with its innovative hull and propulsion solutions, not only reduces energy demand but also increases passenger comfort. In the process, we are developing new design tools and exploring new technologies for energy efficiency."

The new sustainable cruise ship will be groundbreaking as the current designs are one of the most polluting ways to travel.

This is due to using large amounts of fuel and generating tons of waste.

They also create a lot of noise pollution that disturbs marine life.