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DC Preview: Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate #1 featuring trans nonbinary hero Circuit Breaker • AIPT

Jun 01, 2023

Check out the first few pages from ‘8 Seconds of Still Force’ featuring Circuit Breaker.



DC Comics has released new preview pages for tomorrow's Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate #1, which features the new nonbinary trans superhero Circuit Breaker! Written and drawn by AL Kaplan, the story features letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaous. The story is titled "8 Seconds of Still Force" with Circuit Breaker sporting Still Force powers.

If you don't know, the Still Force sounds exactly like what it does, allowing the wielder of the Force to negate motion, controlling and accelerating the force of entropy. We’ve seen characters like Turtle and Steadfast use the Still Force before.

The official solicitation for the anthology issue reads:

When the Lazarus storm touches down, people from every walk of life stand to be affected. People who are kind, people who are good…and people who are evil. This epic issue will spotlight the many disastrous new villains created by the Lazarus event and the heroes who stand ready to stop them from doing harm to others! What sinister threat brings a new chapter to the Doom Patrol saga? Can a new hero channel the inexorable Still Force energy to fend off evil? What lurks in the corners of the Spirit World for new character Xanthe? And what early clue to the new direction in Arkham Tower will spell disaster for Gotham City?

Check out the opening story in a preview AIPT ran last Friday, and read the new preview below! Don't miss the Xanthe and Unstoppable Doom Patrol stories, either.

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