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Tan Lu

Jul 08, 2023

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This spiffy and high-flying operation, part of a well-known chain in mainland China, arrives on the heels of such great hits as Meizhou Dongpo in Los Angeles. Inside, the space is done up with cool, lavender-gray hues, sparkling chandeliers, and sleek, intricately carved wood tables. The exposed duct work oozes with all the modern feels.While the menu is impressive in general, diners shouldn't sleep on the fish specials, including whole catfish in a deliciously sour Chengdu-style broth studded with pickled cabbage. Adventurous palates will appreciate grilled frog legs, paired with potato, cauliflower, or even preserved egg with tofu in a cold soy and vinegar sauce. Finish off this flavor explosion simply with fragrant and juicy orange wedges.

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