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How to transfer your horses from BotW to Tears of the Kingdom

Aug 30, 2023

Link may have new weapons and abilities in Tears of the Kingdom, but he still has tiny legs that make it an exhausting mission to get anywhere on foot. Luckily, he can mount horses and bond with them. Horses aren't just good for traveling, they are also helpful partners in battles, and they can ensure enemies have a hard time aiming for Link.

Horses that players befriended in Breath of the Wild do not have to be abandoned, and they can be transferred to the sequel. Figuring out how to transfer horses from Breath of the Wild to Tears of the Kingdom is easy, and it doesn't take too many steps to achieve.

To transfer horses, players must first ensure their mounts in Breath of the Wild are registered to a stable. This process is easy, and it is unlocked not too many hours into the game. Following this, players should not delete Breath of the Wild‘s save file from the Nintendo Switch console.

Next, install Tears of the Kingdom on the Switch. After completing the Great Sky Island tutorial, players should head to their nearest stable. For most people, this will be the New Serenne Stable which is a stone's throw away from Sinakawak Shrine. After speaking to the stable owner, the registered horses in Breath of the Wild will be automatically transferred to Tears of the Kingdom. It's that easy!.. unless Breath of the Wild‘s save file is on the Wii U. Those adventurers are out of luck without homebrew.

Horses are even more useful in Tears of the Kingdom, as Link can create carts and harness them to horses. To get the most out of his mounts, Link first needs to bond with them. Doing so will cause the horse to listen to Link's instructions more often. A fast way to bond with a horse is to simply feed it some apples, or soothe it by pressing the L button.

It's important that players register their favorite horses, as it helps the player earn Pony Points. When enough Pony Points have been accumulated, they can be exchanged for various rewards including harnesses, mane restyling, and additional slots for registering horses.

There's plenty of motivation for players to transfer their horses from Breath of the Wild, especially if they’ve registered Epona the iconic sidekick, or the Royal White Horse. Luckily, it isn't difficult to move the horses to Tears of the Kingdom, provided gamers haven't gotten rid of their old save file.

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