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Bluetti AC180 review: A mini power station that's efficient and dependable

Mar 06, 2023

Bluetti's have launched their latest power station which is a miniature powerhouse

Bluetti's AC180 is their latest power station that aims to offer the same practicality and functionality that we are used to, but packaged in a much smaller unit compared to the likes of the AC500.

Unlike the majority of their power stations, the AC180 is built with an integrated 1152wh LiFePO4 battery, with the capacity to output 1800w of power and peak power of 2700w.

One thing to note is that the AC180 is not expandable, meaning its battery capacity can't be increased by connecting it to the likes of the B300, B300S or any others, which is a little surprising as the majority of Bluetti's power stations have this feature.

The AC180 is one of Bluetti's smallest and lightest power stations, measuring 34 x24.7 x 31.7 cm and weighing only 17kg.

It's almost half the size and weight of the AC500, but it sports a similar design being made from a tough plastic, with two handles at the top making it easy to be transported.

I've always been impressed with the robustness of Bluetti's products and it's great to see the AC180 has inherited this feature.

You will find the majority of the AC180's connection ports at the front of the power station next to the LCD display.

There are seven DC output connectors which include four 15W USB-A ports, one USB-C, a 12V/10A cigarette lighter port and one wireless charger at the top.

There's a nice choice of DC outputs, but the power station only has two AC 230V output sockets which are a little less than one would want, especially if this is the only power source when camping or in a remote area.

The A180 comes with two inputs for charging an AC 15A IEC input and a 12-60VDC DC7909 input. The AC180 may not have an abundance of connections as seen in the AC500, however, there is a good enough variation that will have you covered when out and about.

The AC180 can be controlled via the AC and DC buttons or with Bluetti's companion app.

The LCD screen is very easy to understand with the output and input nicely displayed next to the amount of power and remaining time left on the device.

The app and buttons provide similar amounts of control, but I preferred the app, simply because it's much easier to use.

Using the AC and DC buttons consists of holding them down for a few seconds to access different options and pressing them to switch between each feature.

This isn't a difficult control scheme, but it can be easy to forget which button corresponds to which function, like trying to not to confuse how to access the Constant Power mode with swapping frequencies, which are both controlled by the AC button.

That being said there aren't many functions to remember and the app makes up for it.

The AC180 comes with a number of modes that will dictate how efficient the power station is. Constant Power mode will run appliances with a maximum power output of 2700w, basically allowing it to reach its peak power while ECO mode will automatically turn the power station off after it is idle for a while.

The AC180 comes with different modes of charging which include Turbo, Standard and Silent. Turbocharging was super quick and I was able to replenish the power station in less than 40 mins, whereas the other two methods took slightly longer but it will all depend on what energy source you use.

The AC180 can be charged via a wall outlet, a car cigarette lighter port, a solar panel and a generator. I was only able to test the first two which worked effortlessly with the cables Bluetti provided.

The main test for me was to see how well the AC180 performed when trying out its maximum output power of 1800 watts via the AC outputs.

I plugged a series of different devices into the power station at the same time, including my fridge and microwave which ran for an impressive amount of time - around 10-12 hours. This was also while I plugged in two mobile phone devices via the DC connectors.

It's safe to say that the AC180 will be a dependable companion when taken out for camping or for overnight use.

Bluetti AC180 Verdict 4 / 5

Bluetti's AC180 is a great power station that will be dependable during a variety of outdoor or remote activities.

As always I was impressed with Bluetti's craftsmanship that allowed the AC180 to work efficiently, being able to control the power outage and alter the charging speed which is handy if you are in a tight spot.

Bluetti's AC180 Power Station can be purchased from their website for £899

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