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10 Animal Superheroes Not From Marvel Or DC

Oct 08, 2023

DC League Of Super-Pets is bringing animals superheroes back to the big screen, but plenty already exist outside of the Marvel and DC bubble.

DC League of Super-Pets is currently showcasing to audiences some of the most popular super-powered animals in entire DC Universe. Marvel has their own fair share of courageous creatures as well, such as the dog Lockjaw and Rocket Raccoon (though he isn't actually a raccoon).

However, the two comic behemoths of DC and Marvel are not the only place to find some truly inspiring super-powered animals, as plenty of them have also popped up over the years from a variety of different media made by other brands.

Shoeshine Boy is a talking dog with superpowers who dons his hero identity Underdog whenever those he cares about are in danger. He first appeared in his own self-titled series in 1963, before then starring in 2007 film adaptation of the show voiced by Jason Lee.

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Unlike with Krytpo, Underdog's owner can actually understand him when he talks to him, something which leads to a lot of chaotic hilarity. Though he hasn't been in the media spotlight much as of late, perhaps DC's animated hit will pave the way for another Underdog project.

Anubis "Doggie" Cruger was a Sirian (a race of dog-like humanoids) man who served as the commander of the interplanetary law enforcement agency Space Patrol Delta in Power Rangers S.P.D.

Space Patrol Delta trains their own teams of Power Rangers on Earth, having an "A" and "B" team, with Cruger in charge of training the elite cadets. Haunted by the loss of his planet in a war against Emperor Gruumm and his Toobian empire, Cruger eventually overcame his fear of battle and became the S.P.D. Shadow Ranger to help in the fight against Gruumm.

Dropping onto Disney+ last year, Flora & Ulysses is one of the few pieces of superhero fare to not have any MCU or wider-marvel connections to it. Based on the children's novel of the same name, the film tells the story of a young girl who befriends a squirrel with remarkable intelligence and superpowers such as flight and superstrength.

The superhero film comes in at under two hours long and received positive reviews for its fun tone and positive messages.With its reputation for quality children's media, it's a surprise that Disney hasn't put out more animal-based superhero projects to date.

Darkwing Duck, A Batman-style crime fighter, appeared in his own self-titled show in the 1990s that the spun-off from the series DuckTales. Both a gritty fighter and a bumbling showman, Darkwing Duck protected the citizens of St. Canard with the help of his adoptive daughter Goslayn and his sidekick Launchpad McQuack.

A reboot of the series is currently in development, with the character receiving a backdoor pilot in the highly acclaimed 2017 DuckTales reboot. It wouldn't be surprising to see Darkwing receive his own movie if his revival series does well.

Arguably the most famous superhero animals with or without connections to Marvel or DC, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are fictional icons. The Heroes in a Half Shell were once regular baby turtles who became skilled humanoid ninjas after being exposed to radioactive ooze, choosing to use their abilities to fight the Shredder and any other evil forces that plague New York City.

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Originally a comic book from Mirage studios, the franchise has expanded into an empire that includes, films, televisions series, video games, and a mountain of toy lines.

Dynomutt is the silly robotic canine sidekick to the Hanna-Barbera hero the Blue Falcon, who in the 1070s starred in The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour and The Blue Falcon & Dynomutt. Since then, Dynomutt and the Blue falcon have made multiple appearances in different films and shows, usually in different Scooby-Doo properties.

Dynomutt's most recent appearance was in the 2020 film Scoob! which sees a more serious and competent Dynomutt become the partner to the original Blue Falcon's son. It is unknown if he would have appeared in the recently-cancelled Scoob! prequel film.

The titular Wonder Pets of the educational children's show Wonder Pets! do not have superpowers like the DC Super-Pets, but that has never stopped them from helping other animals in need.

Famous for their song describing the virtues of teamwork, the three classroom pets (a guinea pig, a turtle, and a duck) put on their costumes and hop into their flying boat (the Flyboat) once school ends and help any fellow animals that are in danger.

One of the earliest animal superheroes, Mighty Mouse became a household name for his 80 theatrical shorts shown between 1942 and 1961. A parody of Superman with his seemingly endless array of powers and abilities (even briefly donning his blue and red colors early on), Mighty Mouse often battled feline enemies to protect his fellow mice.

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Several television series followed the theatrical shorts, and there has been talks since 2019 of a live-action film starring the character.

Perry the Platypus, "a semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action," battled the evil scientist Dr. Doofenshmirtz on nearly every single episode of Phineas and Ferb, the two's epic struggles forming the subplot that would somehow always connect to whatever the titular's duo's adventure was that week.

A secret agent of the Organization Without a Cool Acronym (O.W.C.A.), Perry, better known as Agent P, is one of the most highly-skilled members of all animal operative spy agency.

Johnny Test and his dog Dukey found themselves in some new wacky adventure every week in Johnny Test, facing an array of bizarre and unpredictable enemies. The pair would often have to become superheroes to combat these threats, becoming Johnny-X and Super Pooch respectively.

The pair utilize the standard powers found in most superheroes, such as flying and teleportation, but also have the gross ability of super farts, dubbed by the duo "power poots."

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